Film review: The Raid

Finally, I got around to watching ‘The Raid’ (aka ‘The Raid: Redemption’) Synopsis: A vicious drug lord rules an abandoned/not abandoned tower block from his 17th floor citadel. Protected by a network of CCTV cameras, and by the underworld tenants of the block, his fiefdom is lean, brutal and controlling…. Continue reading

Purity Ring, Shrines

Despite the almost-wall-of-sound they produce, Purity Ring are a Canadian boy/girl musical duo. It’s not the Canadian thing that’s notable; it’s that this much music can be delivered by just two people. for free Purity Ring perform a distinctive blend of vocal-based electro-synth, that paints blissed-out soundscapes that are, frankly,… Continue reading

Rock of Ages

Those bowel-loosening times when you force yourself back in to the dentist’s chair blinking, mole-like, against the super-bright lights that almost blind you? And you try to calm yourself in to a state of false relaxation, to mask your anxieties, then the dentist’s head looms in to your field of vision. You stare… Continue reading

It is sex? Is it music? Is it art? Or is it none of them?

Although The Land of the Rising Sun is not widely known for leading the world of music in areas of edgy breakthrough, I have, lately, had my attention drawn to the Japanese music phenomenon known as AKB48. AKB48? You know, AKB48! The best-selling All-Girl, Japanese, Female Idol band. Are you… Continue reading

The Brits 2012, where the shit hits the music fans

This year’s Brit Music Award nominations have just been announced and I haven’t stopped laughing since the list was published. Unfortunately it’s clear, right from the start, that the people who produced this list have spent far too long stuffing coke up their noses. Or Ketamine up their bottoms. It’s… Continue reading