Review: Fanfarlo, The Walls Are Coming Down – 28th August 2009

This is the new single from Fanfarlo’s debut album ‘Reservoir’. We’ve heard a massive amount of Fanfarlo’s studio work and ‘The Walls Are Coming Down’ is exactly the kind of musical package you’d expect from this London-based band. It has a fast, very catchy 4/4 time start which kicks off… Continue reading

Review: The Good China, Old Maps/New Roads EP – 23rd August 2009

About bloody time too! Melbourne’s richly diverse musical collective ‘The Good China’ have finally given the world (via iTunes) their debut five-track EP Old Maps/New Roads. I’m only whining about this because it was almost nine months ago when we heard the demos that have led to this EP, and… Continue reading

Review: Dub Pistols, I’m In Love – 14th August 2009

In 1996 Dub Pistols gave us their first single ‘There’s Gonna Be A Riot’, a wonderfully hard-edged sound that made us sit up and take notice. Thirteen years later and the latest single from Barry Ashworth’s consortium is the somewhat blandly-titled ‘I’m In Love’. But is the sound bland? No… Continue reading

Band review: Jonquil and support, Oxford Academy

11th October 2008 Our Oxfordshire-based gigging began with a visit to The Oxford Academy. The first band of the night to take the stage at Oxford’s Zodiac was The Great Eskimo Hoax: This band is an interesting three-piece combo who played catchy, hooky material with its roots spreading from what… Continue reading