This Reality Podcast: No 213

Episode 213, 27 minutes running time Welcome to a refreshingly un-dull independent music podcast. You want to listen to the show? You have 4 options: Listen at the website: just click here! Or, Right click here and use the ‘save’ or ‘save as’ option in your browser to save it… Continue reading

Film review: The Raid

Finally, I got around to watching ‘The Raid’ (aka ‘The Raid: Redemption’) Synopsis: A vicious drug lord rules an abandoned/not abandoned tower block from his 17th floor citadel. Protected by a network of CCTV cameras, and by the underworld tenants of the block, his fiefdom is lean, brutal and controlling…. Continue reading

Checking out: Lou Reed – a personal tribute

The first Velvet Underground album I bought was ‘Loaded’ (vinyl, 1970 edition). I bought it in Rhino Records, a scabby little independent store, tucked away in the unfashionable Commercial Road in Newport. I bought ‘Loaded’ because local musician and man of God-like status JJ Cale (aka John Cale, aka John… Continue reading