What the Heck?

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Startled and saddened and yet unsurprised that my favourite purveyors of excellent musical noise – Baby Godzilla – have been forced by the Japanese film industry to change their name Matt, Jonny, Tom and Paul are now known as ‘Heck’. Given the volume of the band’s onstage antics, I can’t help thinking they should have chosen ‘Heck!’,... [Read More..]

Checking out: Lou Reed – a personal tribute

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The first Velvet Underground album I bought was ‘Loaded’ (vinyl, 1970 edition). I bought it in Rhino Records, a scabby little independent store, tucked away in the unfashionable Commercial Road in Newport. fast cash loans il I bought ‘Loaded’ because local musician and man of God-like status JJ Cale (aka John Cale, aka John Davies... [Read More..]

South by South West 2012

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I shall be flying, via Houston, in to Austin, Texas, for the 2012 South by South West music festival. I will have an HD video camera, a tripod, a stereo audio recorder, a digital camera and at least eight pairs of clean underwear. If you are going and would like to hook up for a chat, coffee, burger (whatever), drop me an email at studio@thisrealitypodcast.com If... [Read More..]

Negotiating new corners

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Here at This Reality Podcast we have been shouting about Still Corners since October 2009. It’s nice that a bunch of ‘new music’ websites are also starting to pick up on how excellent this band are. I just wish everyone was as switched on as we were. Since we first found Still Corners, supporting Fanfarlo at the Jericho Tavern in... [Read More..]

Going ‘Batty’ for the music in Oxfordshire

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Michael Eavis, the owner/organiser of the Pilton Pop Festival Glastonbury Festival said in the Daily Mail newspaper (Saturday 9th July 2011) that ‘the boom in summer music festivals will be over in three years’. Well, although there’s a lot of logic behind Michael’s thought, it’s clear to anyone with half a brain that he’s... [Read More..]

Redfining radicalism, the multinational way

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Michael Eavis has said in today’s Observer that Glastonbury’s radical roots will return. For the last five years I’ve been saying that Glastonbury Music Festival Pilton Pop Festival has lost the plot. Now we know why. Michael Eavis. I admire what Michael achieved with Glastonbury Music Festival Pilton Pop Festival in the past. Under Michael’s... [Read More..]

MySpace is dead. Long live MyZbase!

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There has been a tremendous amount of discussion lately – in print, in cyberspace and even in the local pub – about how rubbish MySpace has become. ‘Clunky, painfully slow to load, overbearing adverts that expand and inhibit the view and confusing  functionality’ – these are just a few of the frequent criticisms that have... [Read More..]

Road Trip!

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The crew of This Reality Podcast couldn’t make it to South by South West, unfortunately. Last week we held a special competition in the studio. The first prize was an all-expenses paid, road trip, in the United States. We won! So at the end of next month Soph and Bren will be hitting the shores of America, armed with laptops, audio recorders,... [Read More..]

South by South West?

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South by South West? It will come as no surprise to listeners to the show that we are considering an invasion of Texas in a few weeks. The state capital, Austin, home to the much-talked-about South by South West 2011 music festival is firmly in our sights. The only barrier to This Reality Podcast making a starring appearance at this week-long gig, is... [Read More..]

Spring Offensive: An Unusual Valentine’s Day Proposal

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In recognition of this equally loathed/loved mid-February high- or low-point, Oxford’s unique and eclectic (and totally brilliant; Ed) Spring Offensive have released an intimate EP entitled ‘Between Me & You’. From 14th February – and just for one week – ‘Between Me & You’ will be available for download,... [Read More..]

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