Clearing out iTunes

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My faithful iPod Classic dipped down to a paltry 750Kb of free space, which is a concern. It’s a concern because it asks the question ‘What am I going to do with this month’s submissions to the show?’ There is just one answer, obviously; I have had to perform a severe cull. And that raises another question. What to delete? Or,... [Read More..]

For all the right reasons

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Purplestock Music Festival. Heard of it? No? Well let me tell you that on Saturday 29th January 2011, Purplestock Music Festival will hold their inaugural event. What’s so big about this out-of-season Music Festival is the cause, and here’s how it goes. You turn up at The Old Bell Hotel, Sadler Gate, Derby at 4pm. You hand over a crisp £5-note.... [Read More..]

Amplifier’s Third, out 31st January

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Gritty, sharp-edged, Manchester-based heavy progist trio ‘Amplifier’ are at it again, oh yes they are! The end of January 2010 sees the end of the world the release of their third album ‘The Octopus’, and even cutting through the hype and PR bullshit, this promises to be something very special. Leaning heavily on the Recipe of... [Read More..]

Gerry Rafferty, 1946 – 2011

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There are few Scottish musicians who make a significant impact on the global music stage. But when they do creep out of the Caledonian woodwork, these musical Thistles make such a huge impression on the rest of the world, that everyone remembers their name. Today, 4th January 2011, Gerry Rafferty left this stage that we call our mortal coil. There are... [Read More..]

You Wouldn’t Steal A Car…

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In the UK, which is where we hang out most of the time, there is an annoying advert tacked on the front of DVDs. The naive and monological advert features the wonderfully trite tagline ‘You Wouldn’t Steal A Car’, plainly ignoring the proven fact that, actually, some people do, you know, steal cars. This advert is the anti-piracy poster-child of... [Read More..]

Facebook (musical) trivia

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If you are a regular listener to the show you’ll know that Soph loves it, but Bren loathes just about tolerates it. There’s a new Facebook meme doing the rounds. We’re only bringing this to your attention because it’s musical. It’s called ‘Shuffle It‘. Bren got tagged to do it by Soph. Here’s how it works: Be... [Read More..]

Cornbury 2011 news

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Interesting developments have been going on deep in the Oxfordshire countryside. One of the UK’s better music festivals, Cornbury, is evolving in to a slightly different animal. The ‘Cornbury Festival’ brand name has been taken over by leading independent concert promoter ‘3a Entertainment’. Cornbury Festival was created... [Read More..]

Solomon Burke; gone, not forgotten

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I was going to chunter on about my brief (all things are relative!) flirting love affair with Northern Soul and how, through that, I discovered some truly wonderful British Soul music and musicians. It’s not a case of ‘I can’t be bothered’, it’s a case of ‘How do I sum up the first time I heard this guy and what his... [Read More..]

Help wanted, apply within

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Help! It’s time for Bren to stop pretending he can do *everything*. The continued expansion of This Reality Podcast in both media formats – the text-based writing on the website and the audio production of our weekly show – coupled with increasing number of things to write and/or talk about, means that we either need: the standard... [Read More..]

Quadrophobe – and in aid of a great cause!

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We’re thrilled to be able to tell you that our favourite ska-merchants, Oxfordshire’s talented 4-5-6-7-8 some ‘Quadrophobe’ are getting together with a bunch of their musical friends to raise money for a worthwhile charitable cause. Just two of the musical mentalists On Wednesday 11th August 2010, four bands are taking to the stage in Oxford’s... [Read More..]

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