A new home

Welcome to the landing page of – and the new home for – This Reality Podcast.

The first episode to appear here should be Episode 20 (where we put a Gallic flavour on things, just for Bastille Day!).

If you listen through iTunes:
We have launched an iTunes redirect which should automatically switch from our old home to this one – with no need for you to do anything. Is this cool? Well, let’s see if it works first.

If you listen through any other podcatcher:
We have put in place other RSS redirects but we do acknowledge that this really might not be hitch-free. And we’re very sorry about that – if you do have hassles. Can we suggest that you do a manual subscription to our new feed? It’s right here: http://thisrealitypodcast.com/?feed=podcast

Our archive will stay where it’s always been. The old episodes might get moved with time but for now they’re safe there – don’t worry, they won’t be deleted!

As well as the funky RSS functionality, this new home will also offer the same ‘Listen here’ and/or ‘Download now’ options to people who visit the website, as did the old home.

So if there any teething problems, I hope you’ll give us a little bit of time to work things out. And if there aren’t – I hope you’ll give us a big kiss and a Gold Star for getting it right.


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