This Reality – Podcast No 51

Episode 51 – 45 minutes running time

This week the best podcast in the world in Oxfordshire (probably) changes its spots completely! In Episode 51 we look at a day in the life of a professional music reviewer and listen to five artists who have been reviewed by the presenter of This Reality Podcast (Brennig Jones).

So there is no ranting this week because it would be inappropriate to rant about things whilst examining aspects of reviewed artists’ work; in Episode 51 it’s all about the music and the artist.

Next week we’ll almost be back to normal with a One Year Anniversary ‘special’! Yay!

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The top quality music in this episode is:
1. The Forces, the first movement from Mark Béziat’s symphony Victory of The Spirit (
2. The Yearning of The Soul, the third movement from Mark Béziat’s symphony Victory of The Spirit (
3. Always With Me, from Katie McMahon’s album St Patrick’s Day (
4. Welcome to the School, by IMARI toNES from their album God Has No Name (
5. Inside You by Lost in October from their album Looking Towards (
6. V (instrumental) by Into The Light Carol Anne from their EP Symphony for Dolphin and Duck (
7. Change by Kevin Cosgrove from his album Socks For Dinosaurs (

And in between these exceptionally above average choices of brilliant music, we also bring you:
Nothing. No ranting at all. This week it’s all about the music, how the music was made, how the music was played and how the music should be listened to.

Podcast admin:
All tracks are played with the permission of the artists and/or their management. Now go and visit their websites and give them some love for giving us such brilliant sounds. Or give them a hug at least!

If you’d like to contribute your thoughts to This Reality Podcast or air your views on any of the topics we’ve discussed (or anything else that you want to), just drop us a line. Email: Or if you prefer you can leave your comments (or words of abuse or encouragement) in our drop zone at Or you can just leave your thoughts on the website at

If you are an artist (signed or unsigned) and you’d like This Reality Podcast to play your work, just drop us a line and we’ll see what we can do to help promote you and your music!

And if you’re interested in what we’ve played in the past, just hop on over and take a look at our playlist.

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One Response to This Reality – Podcast No 51

  1. 1112467 says:

    Hi Brenning,

    first off, we all want to thank you for the kind words in your review. We were really floored when David over at Nowhere Records sent it to us. I myself have often stated that what we want more than anything is to be disliked by everyone, but that is of course not true.

    And thanks secondly for including us in this podcast. we listened to it today as we took a break from writing new material (can you believe it took us two hours to get the first 30 seconds or so of our next song together? man we need to learn to simplify… anyway) and not only are we honored that you really dig the music, but are thrilled to be included in the company of so much great music as well.

    We would like to encourage all your listeners to come by our website where they can download the entire EP or listen to it online.

    cause really you just have to hear the rocking out ending of V(instrumental) to complete your day!

    Thanks again,
    1112467 and all of Into the Light Carol Anne