This Reality – Podcast No 52

Episode 52 – 59 minutes running time

This week the best podcast in the world in Oxfordshire (probably) celebrates Episode 52 (has it really been a year since we started?) and takes a musical look-back at some of the artists and tracks we’ve enjoyed from the last 51 episodes.

And there’s a bit of ranting.

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The top quality music in this episode is:
1. BlackLab, See the Sun (
2. Anemo, Music Box (
3. inLight, Bridges (
4. Danny Rhymez and Matty B, See Me (
5. The Good China, A Million Little Pieces (
6. Earth Calling Alice, Way to Rewind (
7. Norwegian Recycling, No Taylor, No Scar (
8. The Razorbax, Tonight (

And in between these exceptionally above average choices of brilliant music, we also bring you:
* News that the British Education Minister’s blog is littered with spelling mistakes and grammatical errors. Leading by example is what I call it.
* A t-shirt giveaway if you can come up with a new Olympic event for London 2012 which our Sweary Mayory (geddit?) might want to sponsor
* The God Botherers have taken out an advert saying ‘There *is* a God’. I’m waiting for the advertising watchdog to say ‘Prove it’.
* A disturbing headline on BBC’s Northern Ireland website that said ‘Lost Boys Rescued from Mountain’. Where’s Peter Pan when you need him?
* A female teacher is sentenced to a year in jail for sending texts of a sexual nature to a 12 year old boy, yet another 12 year old boy and his 13 year old girlfriend enter the magical world of Disney parenthood – and no-one gets prosecuted for that. Not even the parents of these children get prosecuted for culpable child neglect? No. How fucked up is our society? Very. Is it time to put a rule in place that people can’t make a financial claim against the welfare state unless they’ve paid in to it for five years?
* The wife of former Hedge Fund boss Victor Madoff withdrew millions of dollars from their accounts in the week before he was arrested. How does she sleep at night?
* The woman with the world’s longest fingernails (23”) broke them all off in a car accident. How did she wipe her bum before they were broken?
* BBC news item with the headline ‘Unruly Pupils Need More Support’. I would have thought that the normal pupils need more support in a mixed-ability class. And the theachers.
* A South Korean woman who failed the theory element of her driving test 771 times. How was she even allowed to take it 771 times?
* Tony Blair being give 1,000,000 US dollars for ‘leadership’. What leadership? And the war criminal mentions ‘God’s Love’ 31 times in a speech in the US. So he hears voices that no-one else can hear and he acts on them? Sounds like paranoid schizophrenia to me!

Podcast admin:
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Featured video:
This week’s featured video is arguably one of the finest songs ever written:

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