This Reality – Podcast No 25

Episode 25 – 51 minutes running time

Once again it’s the weekend and you get a big loud welcome from Studio K in rural Worcestershire. Today we have six tracks that are so good they will always be nice to your parents.

1. The Razorbacks and ‘I liked you better’
2. Earth Calling Alice and ‘I’
3. Homespun and ‘100 Nations’
4. Ian Rush and ‘Dwi Ddim Mewn Cariad’
5. Danny Rhymez and MattyB and ‘Show Me’
6. Second Dan and ‘Forgotten to Remember’
7. Bloodwire and ‘Relinquish’

As if these slices of aural titilation aren’t enough to get you feeling uncomfortable in your underwear about music, we also offer you chunks of random conversation that includes…

* Tubeisms: a Scottish New York cop dressed like Rab C Nesbit?
* A little more about the village in Spain that celebrates New Year in August – by request!
* Horoscopes – you know you’ve been waiting for them!
* Man dials 911 because Subway left the sauce off his sandwich
* Early sale of Glastonbury Pilton tickets – how about getting some good acts next year?
* 25% of mothers contacting the CSA give the wrong name as the father
* Pushover parents to blame for this generation of children who ‘lack discipline and moral boundaries’. Well der!
* many other things!!!

Podcast admin:
* ‘I Liked You Better’ comes from the brilliant The Razorbax.
* ‘I’ comes from the talented Earth Calling Alice
* ‘Show Me’ comes from capricious Danny Rhymez and MattyB.

All other tracks come from the Podsafe Music Network (though Second Dan is also played with the added permission of Ariel Publicity). We’d like to thank all artists for the use of their material – thanks guys, you rock!

If you’d like to contribute your thoughts to This Reality Podcast or air your views on these – or any other topics you can think of – just drop us a line. Or if you prefer you can leave your comments (or whatever else) in our drop zone at

If you are an artist – or represent an artist or band – and you’d like This Reality Podcast to play your work, just drop us a line and we’ll see what we can do to help promote you!

And if you’re interested in what we’ve played, just hop on over and take a look at our playlist.

Link to Episode 25 mp3

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6 Responses to This Reality – Podcast No 25

  1. hey hey! was awesome to meet you last night, thanks so much for coming to see us and for the kind words!
    this podcast is awesome. love the whole ”ears getting a blowjob” thing. dead funny!
    cant wait to read the email with the comments in.

  2. danny rhymez and matty b says:

    LEAVE BREN ALONE!!! HE’S OURS!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Janis says:

    Actuall guys we think Bren is ours lol. Anyway just wanted to say quickly that The Razorbax sound brilliant and angry and fast and my mom and me were dancing around the kitchen. I am sooooo envious you got to see these guys live? You got to tell us what the gig was like because they sound fantastic on your podcast. Mom said I should say ‘brilliant’ because you use it so much but they do sound really kewel. lol. Love. J.x

  4. Mark, San Diego says:

    hi i just want to say hi. i have been listening since #18 and i just think the music you play is a great mix that is interesting and always good. the radio here in sd just puts out so much bad stuff don’t they know the 80s are dead? anyway hi from sd and more rockin to ya.

  5. Peta says:

    Hi from Auckland. We got your podcast on iTunes and just want to say hello. We moved here from Cardiganshire two years ago and it is nice to hear a voice from ‘back home’ but despite your name you don’t have a Welsh accent. Neither of us recognise any of the names you play but we like the music! For your request day can you play The Manics please? Or another Welsh band? The Ian Rush track was very… interesting.

    Love Peta and Simon

  6. Charlie and Bev says:

    It is much too far for us to come down from Edinburg to see these bands but they sound great on your podcast, if they are going to do gigs could you let us know when and where please? The local music scene up here is loud but not very good. What we want is loud but good!!!