This Reality – Podcast No 26

Episode 26 – 55 minutes running time

Once again it’s the weekend and you get a quiet, subdued welcome from Studio K in rural Worcestershire… Until the first band kicks off!

1. Barkerhound and ‘Injuries’
2. Dave Stewart and his Rockfabulous Orchestra and ‘Lily Was Here’
3. Citizens of Contrary Knowledge and ‘Real Love’
4. Matt Stern ‘Dis-moi que tue m’aimes’
5. The Dares and ‘Love Me When I Leave’
6. Molly Bancroft ‘Jump Into Love’

As if these slices of aural titillation aren’t enough to get you feeling moist between your legs, we also offer you chunks of random conversation that includes…

* Tubeisms: Applying slap by garden instrument and Boozy Breath at 07.30?
* Gig roundup – Friday: Barkerhound and The Razorbax
* Gig roundup – Sunday: Acoustic Brew, Earth Calling Alice
* An email from Danny Rhymez and MattyB live during recording
* The census should be scrapped! This is beyond doubt how?
* Dear Miriam – the wrong advice?
* Leading politicians should be based on the front line!
* The death of a political legend

Podcast admin:
* ‘Injuries’ comes from the rocktastic Barkerhound (go there now, buy a track or two! They’re brilliant). Citizens of Contrary Knowledge ‘Real Love’ is played with the permission of Ariel Publicity.

All other tracks come from the Podsafe Music Network.

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Link to Episode 26 mp3

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3 Responses to This Reality – Podcast No 26

  1. cutieslug says:

    I love you for playing Matt Stern!

  2. Mark, San Diego says:

    Can I vote for more than one track/artist for your request week?

    I vote for The Razorbax and Couldn’t Wait and I also vote for TV/TV and Get it Get it

  3. producer says:


    Just a quick note to say that the temporary design of the website is my temporary patch to stop the site from being hacked, while I get on with debugging the original design.

    The normal look and feel will continue as soon as possible.