The Perfect Saturday Afternoon

You know when you’ve been knocking yourself out at your job for the last five days?

From Monday to Friday you’ve given and given and given and then given a little bit more? And Friday night finally gets here and all you want to do is crash out at 9.30?

Then you wake on Saturday and you have enough energy to eat, dress, buy some food, cook a crash meal, flip on some music and you’re about to fall asleep on the couch when…

You hear something that so matches your ‘washed out’ mood that it lights a little fire of love in your heart.

The ‘something’ that happened to me is the latest EP by Brooklyn-based ‘My Best Fiend’.

‘Jesus Christ’ is a delicious blend of instrumental/vocal harmonies in – broadly speaking – a style which I’d describe as…


*sits and thinks for five minutes*

Just imagine you took a massive dose of Mew, right? And you put it in a big pot and simmered it gently for 15 minutes. And then you added a cupful of Elbow. And a pinch of My Bloody Valentine, but also a teaspoon of My Chemical Romance and then, to top off the instrumental balance, a biiiiiig helping of Welsh wizadry from Stereophonics. And maybe the tiniest fraction of Beach Boys on vocal harmonies.

That’s what My Best Fiend are about. That’s what Jesus Christ sounds like.

You have to congratulate musicians when they produce a blend, a mix of musical timbre that wraps the listener up, envelopes the listener in a big blanket of beautiful noise that feels warm and comfortable and comforting and familiar – even though you’ve never heard these sounds before – and relaxing yet recharging and yes, that lights a little fire of love in the heart.

So… congratulations to My Best Fiend.

This awesome EP – Jesus Christ – is brought to you by a fivesome who have put their heart, soul and love in to their work. And they’ve done it for you.

You owe it to yourself to listen. You will love you for doing it.

You can get Jesus Christ EP from My Best Fiend on iTunes.

You should. It’s bloody fantastic.

And to prove it, here’s an edited blend of the three tracks on Jesus Christ, just as a taster. Click here to listen to it or right-click here to download it.

Plug yourself in, close your eyes, lean back and love it.

Jesus Christ EP by My Best Fiend:
Score: an awesome 8.5/10
My Best Fiend on MySpace

Brennig Jones.

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One Response to The Perfect Saturday Afternoon

  1. bob says:

    I’m pretty sure the band’s name is “my best fiend” not “my best friend”.