South by South West?

South by South West?

It will come as no surprise to listeners to the show that we are considering an invasion of Texas in a few weeks.

The state capital, Austin, home to the much-talked-about South by South West 2011 music festival is firmly in our sights.

The only barrier to This Reality Podcast making a starring appearance at this week-long gig, is the somewhat difficult issue of getting time off from our day jobs.

But if we can get the swing, if our senior managers do grant us the time off, we’re going to Texas.

If we go, we’ll take video cameras, tripods, microphones, audio recorders, laptops, headphones and all the usual pieces of equipment that add up to a mobile recording and editing studio for video and audio.

  • If you’re going to South by South West this year, would you
  • like to meet up?
  • like to come and see us and tell us about yourself?
  • be interested in spreading the word about your band, your film, your work?

If the answer to any of these is ‘yes’ then just drop us a line!

Alternatively, if you’re a website, magazine, ezine, music blog or newspaper, and you’d like to have two crackingly good freelancers create and contribute text-, audio- or video-based content for your outlet, what are you waiting for?

Email us at: and talk to us about what you want and let us do what we do – for you.

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One Response to South by South West?

  1. IanB says:

    Hmmm, Austin is a mere 14 hour drive from us. Hmmm.