This Reality – Podcast No 27

Episode 27 – 33 minutes running time

A return to form for Episode 27, shorter, leaner, punchier but the conversation still rocks and the music rocks more!

1. The Crash Moderns and ‘Where Did All The Scene Girls Go?’
2. Carson Henley and ‘Can’t Shake You’
3. Little Plastic Stars and ‘Say Something Beautiful To Me’
4. Danny Rhymez and Matty B ‘Fit Girls’

As if these slices of musical brilliance don’t get you hot and horny, we also offer you chunks of random conversation that includes…

* Tubeisms: Is this the most striking person ever seen on the underground?
* People with more money than braincells
* Moving house from Worcestershire to Oxfordshire for humans and a horse
* Civilian policing is half-baked. Says the police federation!
* The British section in the Olympic closing ceremony – have you stopped cringing yet?
* The treatment of Jade Goody. Like her or not, she’s a member of our species and deserves better

And don’t forget the First Saturday Of The Month Feature – where we will only play the tracks most requested or most favourably commented on!

Podcast admin:
* The Crash Moderns, Carson Henley and Little Plastic Stars all come from the Podsafe Music Network.
* ‘The Fit Girls’ comes from multi-talented Danny Rhymez and MattyB (check out their webpage at:

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