MySpace is dead. Long live MyZbase!

There has been a tremendous amount of discussion lately – in print, in cyberspace and even in the local pub – about how rubbish MySpace has become.

‘Clunky, painfully slow to load, overbearing adverts that expand and inhibit the view and confusing  functionality’ – these are just a few of the frequent criticisms that have been levelled at MySpace, from users around the world.

Which is a shame.

Emerging bands, artists who are busy developing their musical skills, bands who have built a portfolio and have started gigging, bands who are trying to attract a fanbase – they all need a simple, easy-to-use website, right?


So you’ve mixed or written some excellent tunes?

Where do you go for a place to hang gig dates, build a simplified website, get a media player – a place that isn’t MySpace?

At first Facebook seemed to be a natural home for the MySpace refugees. But their growing advertising programme coupled with continuing security concerns have made a large number of people want to stay clear of Facebook.

Well here’s a thought.

Try myzbase. Or maybe it is pronounced MyZbase?

Myzbase is a simple replacement for Myspace, it has been created by Ben Walker, high class technical geek and Hammondista for kick-ass band Little Fish.

So he’s on both sides of the fence; he’s a software developer and he’s a musician who knows what he wants from a website.


Ben says, ‘When non-geek music industry people (from promoters to label types) look for a band online they go for the Myspace page (either by explicitly searching for “myspace forward-slash bandname” or by searching for the band name and clicking the recognisable Myspace link.

‘They like to do this rather than go to a band website, because they know what they’re going to find and how to use it: a music player, gig dates, a picture of the band and contact details (and all sorts of advertising and other crap).

‘Myzbase has been designed to fill the growing void that MySpace is leaving. Myzbase isn’t a full band website – it’s more like a landing page for your website.

‘I’m calling it Myzbase for now, cos it makes people sound like they’re saying “Myspace” in a camp European accent.’

Sense of humour aside, we think Ben’s MyZbase idea is brilliant.

We love the uncluttered design, the simplicity and the way the website names work.

And best of all, we love the way it loads 23,507,314 times quicker than MySpace. Give or take.

So, Ben, if someone is interested in having a MyZbase account, what should they do about it?

‘Drop me an email ( and I’ll add you to the list. ;)’


This might be a case of MySpace bad, MyZbase good.

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One Response to MySpace is dead. Long live MyZbase!

  1. Allister says:

    It’s a pretty solid idea. I’m a little confused as to why Little Fish appears at the root, but I guess it’s early days yet. The execution is great – clean, simple, fast. I like the way it leverages existing quality services like SoundCloud. No need to reinvent wheels, just build better vehicles. When it’s ready for the wide world, let me know and I will certainly promote to all the musos I am in contact with.