Going ‘Batty’ for the music in Oxfordshire

Michael Eavis, the owner/organiser of the Pilton Pop Festival Glastonbury Festival said in the Daily Mail newspaper (Saturday 9th July 2011) that ‘the boom in summer music festivals will be over in three years’.

Well, although there’s a lot of logic behind Michael’s thought, it’s clear to anyone with half a brain that he’s wrong.

What the next five years will bring to the British music scene will be a strong shift away from the ‘big’, mainstream festivals.

The days of festivals charging astronomical entry fees to spectators whose view of the main stage is obscured by a plethora of flags and TV gantries are, frankly, numbered.

So we agree with Michael Eavis that these dinosaur festivals will vanish off the face of the planet.


What we will see is more ‘local’ festivals springing up around the country.

The new breed of festival will engage more with the local community – and they will become showcases for artists; platforms that will give people like you and me the opportunity to get up close and personal with talented musicians.

One such, of the new breed, is Battstock Festival

Last year’s inaugural Battstock brought top class entertainment to the local community in the town of Witney, Oxfordshire.

Top class?


The register of artists that Battstock brought to last year’s 500 attendees included the excellent ‘Danny & The Champions of the World’, the brilliant ‘The Epstein’, the fabulous ‘Les Clochards’ and the crowd-rockingly awesome ska-funsters ‘Quadrophobe’.

This year – the second year of Battstock – the organisers hope to improve on the £2,000 that the festival raised for the Batt School.

Planning for an increased attendance – 800, up from last years 500 – is well in hand.

Balance this very attainable gate with a reasonable entry (£7 for adults and £3 for under-16s) and it seems that the organisers will achieve their goal.

So who is performing at Battstock this year?

We could be effusively over the top but we’ll let the names speak for themselves (but here’s a clue, a couple of these quality musicians have had their work played on our show!):

The Outcast Band

Miriam Jones

Thrill Collins

Jessie Grace

Russell Morgan

Phousa & The Batt School Choir

As well as the music to kick back and relax to, Battstock Festival will have loads of other entertainment for people to enjoy, including music workshops, a treasure hunt, trade stalls and food.

Battstock Festival is being held at the Batt School, Witney on Saturday 10th September 2011.

The gates will open from 1pm with live music from 2pm.

You can get tickets from We Got Tickets and from Rapture Entertainment in Witney.

See you there?


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