This Reality – Podcast No 85

Episode 85 – 40 minutes running time

Do you ever have one of those weeks that seem longer than 7 days? This is one for us. Maybe it was the late night we had on Monday because of the Fanfarlo gig? We discuss this and a whole bunch of other things this week as we bring you the all-round entertainment show that is This Reality Podcast, and it is backed by music that’s so good you won’t hear it anywhere else!

As ever, this show was recorded *live* in Studio L in rural Oxfordshire and recorded in one take with no after-show editing or post-production mucking about.

So, the musical goodness that we bring you this week includes:
1. Parlotones, Pretend (
2. Still Corners, Parallels (
3. Ivan Campo, Rat Race (

Second segment musical backing:
Felix Manyé Rodriguez, Meditación En Blues (

In between these excellently written, produced and brilliantly performed pieces of music we also bring you:
* Last week’s video message for Lily Allen went down really well with our website readers. This week we bring you a real musician
* A discussion on spotting a Luc Besson film, even with the sound off. Soph says Bren can’t be Luc Besson fanboy because he’s never seen Leon.
* Soph telling us about how far she’s gone in the name of customer service today. But really, if you wanted to know the name of a shop would you honestly ring up the local library to find out? Really?
* Bren’s stunning idea of Origami on the podcast not being the winner he believes it to be
* Or flower arranging
* A quick review of The Invention of Lying
* A chat about the Fanfarlo gig at Oxford’s Jericho Tavern on Monday night (which is why we played Still Corners, they were the 2nd support band and we think they were really good too!)
* Impressions not working – especially Bren’s Shakira impersonation
* Meeting Mica, one of our listeners (and she was really nice!)
* Bren outlines what, in an alternate universe, could conceivably have happened with a singer called Morrison Van (or Van Morrison or something similar)

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And this week’s video is just a very talented musician. This 10 year-old boy has only been playing for three years:

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