This Reality – Podcast No 88

Episode 88 – 46 minutes running time

Believe it or not, such was our indecision that the playlist for this podcast wasn’t finalised until we were sitting in the studio in front of our Mics! This week we have a little natter about:

* Soph being called a ‘Fucking slag’ by a member of the public in the library (aren’t library users just so nice? last week and then this week? nice!)
* Bren having a meeting in a Oxfordshire country pub on Monday night with two Rock Gods (further details to follow in due course)
* A quick explanation about our T-Shirt sizes!
* The pitfalls of sending text messages with a ‘x’ on the bottom. Aaargh!
* A quick give-away HERE just for the WEBSITE: send an email to with an address in the body and the words ‘Halloween’ in the subject and you’ll get a This Reality Podcast T-Shirt!
* Weird dating agencies:,,, and
* Dan Holloway’s formal book launch for his new work ‘songs from the other side of the wall
* How about emailing us with a few of your favourite tracks or artists from our playlist and we’ll build a Top Ten of The Year?

We also bring you Round Three of The Cheese Game, but this week we play the Neutral Variant – which confines us to the country of Switzerland.

You want more? Really?

How about the musical goodness that this week includes:
1. The Family Machine, The Do Song (
2. Still Corners, History of Love (
3. Breed 77, The River (

As ever, this show was recorded *live* in Studio L in rural Oxfordshire and recorded in one take with no after-show editing or post-production mucking about.

While we were sitting in the studio recording the show we were also Twittering live. Why don’t you come on over and follow the podcast on This Reality Podcast twitter feed.

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