Review: Only In The Mornings

One of the happiest atmospheric audio discoveries I’ve made in this life is the sound of rain falling on to the weatherproof coating of my tent as I lie, huddled in my sleeping bag, breathing shallowly and listening (in the otherwise total silence) to the near/far, soft/intense liquid sounds, hoping that they stop soon, whilst hoping they will never end.

That kind of breathless audio bubble, the moment of sound that surrounds and comforts and lasts for so very long, was recently recreated for me by an altogether different, but equally atmospheric source.

The recording entity known as Only In The Mornings eased its way in to my ears in a stealthy, breathless style that held me captive and made me want to wrap myself up in its sound.

You know how you feel when you just want to spoil yourself?

You don’t want the TV on because that would be too intrusive. Instead, you want your comfortable jeans, a hot drink, a bar of chocolate, a good book, subdued lighting and some cotton-wool music to complete the self-centredness.

You know those times?

Well the next time that happens to you, the music you need to have is ‘Exhausted Not Asleep’ from the EP Hubert by Only In The Mornings. Or maybe ‘Trapped Windows’ by Only In The Mornings. Or maybe my very favourite piece of selfish wrapping-up music, ‘Fljótavík’ from the album Með Suð Í Eyrum Við Spilum Endalaust by Sigur Rós

That’s how much I rate the atmospheric, soothing, ethereal qualities that Brian Ward, aka Only In The Mornings brings to ease my troubled head. His beautifully constructed, underplayed musical melodrama – in content and performance – makes his work stand out from so many other artists who are vying for the same ground.

You can hear ‘Trapped Windows’ in episode 102 of This Reality Podcast, but when you do listen, you should keep in mind that everything you hear comes from just one person.

Keep your ears open, I’m sure there’ll be more of Brian Ward/Only In The Mornings in future podcasts. It has to be an easier way of surrounding yourself in audio cotton-wool than getting in to your tent in the rain!


Brennig Jones.


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One Response to Review: Only In The Mornings

  1. Janis says:

    Nice review whoever wrote it (Bren?), good images, evocative – like the music.