This Reality – Podcast No 20

Episode 20 – 48 minutes running time

It’s Saturday evening in Studio K in rural Worcestershire – Bastille Day on Monday! – and today’s music is provided by:

1. DJ Zebra and ‘OxmoHead’
2. Celine Mastrorelli and ‘Elle rentrait tou’
3. Blake Morgan Ft. Lenny Kravitz and ‘Why Don’t You See?’
4. Echobliss and ‘Let me in’
5. Gael et les Anges and ‘Je Resiste’

As if five (yes friends, this week – once again – you get five tracks of musical gold) brilliantly good slices of French-flavoured music aren’t enough for you, in between the musical goodness we have random conversation that includes…

* This boy’s home alone weekend so far
* Fuel efficiency and the possible return of the national speed limit in the US?
* The Sitting Duck’s neat idea for refreshing good music.
* 2,500 Dr Who nerds calling a number that doesn’t exist!
* Mr Stupide (that would be me) packing the wrong tack for show jumping.
* A lack of reasonable balance on a bike? More news of the cyclists organisation CTC.
* Would you pay £31,500 to watch an episode of Prison Break?
* many other things!!!

Podcast admin:
All music played today comes from the Podsafe Music Network, with the exception of OxmoHead which came from DJ Zebra.

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Link to Episode 20 mp3

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