This Reality Podcast: No 110

Episode 110: 55 minutes running time

Hello from Oxfordshire, Englandshire, UKshire! This week we bring you top music (as usual) conversation (as usual) an interview with a very talented singer songwriter (as usual?) and a phone call with another very talented singer songwriter (as usual???) If you would like to join the show on the phone, let us have your number and we’ll call you, or add ‘thisrealitypodcast’ to your Skype address book.

Talkie bits:

  • A two-part interview with the very talented singer/songwriter Ben Walker
  • A full run-down of the confirmed artists who will be appearing at the 2010 Cornbury Festival

You want more? Really?

How about the musical goodness that this week includes:

  1. Ammp, Let The Sunlight In (
  2. Ben Walker, Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall (
  3. The Birdinumnums, Little Libertine (
  4. Jessie Grace, King Of Villains (

About this production:

This show was recorded *live* in Studio B in rural Oxfordshire in one take with no after-show editing or post-production mucking about. While we were sitting in the studio recording the show we were also Twittering live. Why don’t you come on over and follow the podcast on This Reality Podcast twitter feed.

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Podcast admin:
All tracks are featured and played with the generous permission of the artists and/or their management.

Now go and visit their websites, tell them where you heard them and let them know how much you love their work! And treat yourself, buy a little piece of their work – recording artists have to eat, you know!

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13 Responses to This Reality Podcast: No 110

  1. Stevie B says:

    Whoa! Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall is brilliant! The song. Not the guy with the same name on TV. That was an interesting interview guys. I have gone over to Ben’s website and subscribed to his feeds. I will listen to his work and get some of it later when I have finished work. And the phone call was *really* good to listen to. This show continues to get better. I used to listen to a couple of other British-based music podcasts until recently (because to paraphrase Morrissey, their music means nothing to me and my life, they are largely irrelevant outside the US). But you guys make the other British music podcasts sound so amateurish and as if *they just haven’t bothered to go out and find good British music*. Sitting at home and getting music off American websites is really just rubbish and lazy and I guess anyone who does this probably has less than 100 listeners and they don’t even deserve that many. And also guys, none of these other music podcasts get out to shows and gigs and interview people as much as you guys work hard to bring new experiences to the listeners. Thanks for the show. Stevie B.

  2. Meagan says:

    Quirky, that’s the desc from me for the Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall song. I had to google it because I’ve never heard of him before. I guess this is the the ‘British’ thing that Stevie is talking about here. I listen to 1 other podcast, the UC Radio one that Bren talked about ages ago. I like UC Radio’s style because it’s a bit like the radio stations here (but not the on-campus station, that is awful bad). I like the Mix that Sophie and Bren give us each week, it is a good balance and one my roomie and I love to have on the docking station. I did try to listen to one other British podcast, some guy from Birmingham, UK with an accent. But it was like amateur hour, the sort of thing my 8yo brother would put together in the garage, just horrible and very embarrassing. I did try to listen to the podcast that Bren’s friend Dan makes. It has a lot of quality about it, the production is excellent to listen to but the subjects that Dan talks about are just not for me, I guess I am too young. So it is Bren and Soph at This Reality Podcast and Mike at UC Radio podcast. I tried Neanderthal Radio but that is so not for me!


  3. Walter in Deutschland says:

    I do not know why I listen to this. I like it, that much is very clear, but I do not know precisely why, other than saying ‘yes I like this very much’. But why do I watch some television shows? Because I like them. That is the case with all forms of media I think. For example, I like The Smiths because the words are so articulate, Morrissey is able to paint such interesting pictures with his dialogue.

    So I like that Sofe and Bren put a lot of effort in to each show. They say the do not but it is obvious to everyone who listens that they do. And they are energetic and very enthusiastic about the music they play and the artists and the books and films that they talk about.

    But I also like the way they go out all the time and see many bands and then they bring those musicians in here to us for us to listen to and see if we feel the same or if we disagree. I love that. And also how the show reaches out to us and gives us the ability (opportunity?) to become involed and comment and can call in or be called. This weeks show is a case in point. Two-part interview with Ben Wallker and then a telephone interview with Jesie Grace and _both_ of these people are very talented musicians? This for me is a big reason why I like this show, because it is obvious that Sofe and Bren put effort in to it, there is a lot of forethought before each show and they are passionate about this podcast and what it brings to the listener.

    This is not true of ANY German podcasts I am ashame to say and I have not found any other English ones that also has the same passion or commitment. I have started listening to Sitting Duck because Bren said it would be good music and he is right!

  4. Yep, I thought to myself…. another great podcast with fabulous musci …. that was until I heard that Bren had pointy nipples….. purlease, that seriously damaged my psyche.

    Great interview with Ben bloke, and I am looking forward to your recommendations at the Cornbury Festival!

  5. Janos says:

    Music. Funny comedy. Interaction. Information. No commercials!!!!!! There are no podcasts out here worth downloading. I think nobody else does what this reality podcast does. There are a two or three mediocre shows in UK but have noticed they all are at the same level of amateur skill. I am trying anew French podcast this week, it promises much goodness on their website but even their website looks a little like this one. Would like some Jackson Browne because you have been talking about him at a festival. And I wold like to listen to the festival, or something from it.

  6. Soph says:

    Annie, I’m so sorry to have caused such trauma with reference to Brennig’s pointy nipples.

    But I need to clarify something.

    They are *very* pointy.

    I’m sorry. But they are.

    You can see them through jumpers and everything.

    It’s not normal, I tells ya.

    OK, it’s not abnormal either. At least he doesn’t have three of the pointy nippers!

    It’s also not normal to go on so long about Bren’s pointy nips.

    I think he’s actually a Fembot.

    Anyway, remember – don’t have nightmares;)!

  7. Yoshiren, Japan says:

    There are some things I do not understand. Like ‘The Arches’. But the speech is clear and helpful to listen to. My use of English finds it helpful to listen to this show. I enjoy the conversations between the presenters Sophie and Bren and I enjoy hearing the guests on the show because that was such a pleasurable experience to hear for the first time. And I enjoy the music and the energy of the show. It is enjoyable througout to listen to. I listen on the train as I go to college.

  8. Yoshiren, Japan says:

    And also what is this about nipples please?

  9. Soph says:

    I think we need to put a lid on all of this nipple talk.

  10. Janis says:

    I listen becuase you have become my friends and I love you both. I started listening *years* ago and there are now 14 of us on campus who get the show. We had it added to our college intranet download stream so that the main server downloads the show just once and distributes a local copy through Northeastern college proxy server to everyone who subscribes.

    I listen because the voices are cool and the music is excellent but please can you play some more razorbax because we haven’t heard them for ***ages*** and they are cool and good to jump around to.

    And mom listens too and so does dad when he is home from the gulf. I think he might listen out there too but he doesn’t really talk much about what he does out there.

  11. Howard says:

    I came across this show after a reference on UC Radio last year. I like the blend of music/talk but the attractive feature is the personlities of the presenters and how enthusiastic they are about the music. And what ever they talk about. Their enthusiasm is a big FTW.

    Howard, Orlando

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  13. Melanie says:

    We’re supposed to listen? I thought we were supposed to download, play on the docking station and fall asleep to on a Saturday morning. That’s what I seem to be doing a lot. But I think you should take that as a complement. Really.

    Lincolnshire and Den Haag.