This Reality Podcast: No 111

Episode 111: 55 minutes running time

Hello from Oxfordshire, Englandshire, UKshire, and welcome to This Reality Podcast, an independently-produced, advertising-free, feast of musical goodness that has been designed just for your ears!

This week we bring you top music (as usual) conversation (as usual) and a telephone conversation with an ex-pat British poet who lives in Nebraska

If you would like to join the show on the phone, let us have your number and we’ll call you, or add ‘thisrealitypodcast’ to your Skype address book.

Talkie bits:

  • News that we have a couple of literary guests lined up for future inclusion
  • No films to talk about this week
  • Soph has invented a new word
  • A look at the headline acts of the ‘fully revealed’ Pilton Pop Festival Glastonbury Music Festival, which reveals a surprise
  • We’ve had a preview copy of the new Ivan Campo album ‘What Went Wrong’, which is excellent
  • For some reason, there’s been a significant amount of people commenting *about* this show over here
  • The eruption of a volcano in Iceland affecting air travel in Europe
  • London failing to make ‘the top 50 cities to live’ – but Manchester made the top 50!

You want more? Really?

How about the musical goodness that this week includes:

  1. Airship, This is Hell (
  2. Damon Brock, Promenade (
  3. Red Light Company, Scheme-Eugene (
  4. Fanfarlo, Drowning Men (

About this production:

This show was recorded *live* in Studio B in rural Oxfordshire in one take with no after-show editing or post-production mucking about. While we were sitting in the studio recording the show we were also Twittering live. Why don’t you come on over and follow the podcast on This Reality Podcast twitter feed.

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3 Responses to This Reality Podcast: No 111

  1. LisaB says:

    Very cool podcast. 🙂

  2. producer says:

    That’s very sweet of you, thanks. You’re slightly biased though. 🙂

  3. 1112467 says:

    Red Light Company managed to take a crappy day and turn it around for me. thanks so much for introducing me to their sound. I will now investigate throughly!