This Reality Podcast: No 112

Episode 112: 48 minutes running time

Hello from Oxfordshire, Englandshire, UKshire, and welcome to This Reality Podcast, an independently-produced, advertising-free, feast of musical goodness that has been designed just for your ears!

This week we bring you top music (as usual) conversation (as usual) and a telephone conversation with Erk, an Australian music podcaster who lives in Sydney.

If you would like to join the show on the phone, let us have your number and we’ll call you, or add ‘thisrealitypodcast’ to your Skype address book.

Talkie bits:

  • Are you in Chicago and are you an ace drummer – or do you know an ace drummer in Chicago? Drop us a line, Into The Light Carol Anne could be your next starring role!
  • A film review: The Ghost, a film by Roman Polanski
  • A look at ‘Impulse and Initiative’, a book by Abigail Reynolds (which is a bit rude and, despite being about Mr Darcy and Miss Bennet, is most definitely *not* the kind of book you’d want your mother to read!
  • An email from Janos who asked a little more about the Bristol music scene, so we give a more detailed explanation
  • Thoughts of a Spanish/Latin-flavoured show in the future?
  • According to the PRS, who would you think was the hardest-working ‘live’ band in the UK in 2009? Give up? The answer is: Status Quo! The PRS tell us that Status Quo performed to more than 250,000 fans in a range of venues that includes 27 arenas. Amazing.
  • A quick talk about a trip down to South Oxfordshire to Goring-on-Thames, a beautiful ‘olde worlde’ town that nestles on the river
  • And we talked about not going to a gig.

You want more? Really?

How about the musical goodness that this week includes:

  1. Empire Safari, Rush (
  2. Ivan Campo, Diceman (
  3. Rural Roots, Different World (
  4. Hype Theory, We Will Be Singing (

About this production:

This show was recorded *live* in Studio B in rural Oxfordshire in one take with no after-show editing or post-production mucking about. While we were sitting in the studio recording the show we were also Twittering live. Why don’t you come on over and follow the podcast on This Reality Podcast twitter feed.

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Podcast admin:
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7 Responses to This Reality Podcast: No 112

  1. 1112467 says:

    Great show, yet again. always a joy.

    Thanks for the mention of the needed drummer! we continue to look but it’s always a lot of work to find the right person for any band, perhaps especially when they have to assume a number. Prospective candidates (or anyone who wants to listen) can download the album from here:

    Also glad you liked that band! As I said they make me just completely happy and I hope that everyone on earth with ears hears them and falls in love.


  2. Melanie says:

    Rural Roots is just brilliant! So clear, emotional yet uncluttered. I love the sound.

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  4. Stevie B says:

    That ‘into the light carol anne’ clip you played is goodly weirdly good. It’s like acid folk or prog folk or prog acid folk or something similar. I shall investigate further when I get home for the long weekend.

  5. Another bloody good show with superb music…….I am liking the new Skype interview slots a lot!

  6. Great show again guys, thanks again for the promotion and thanks Melanie for the above comment, real glad you enjoyed it

    Cheers again

    Rural Roots

  7. producer says:

    1112467, thanks!

    Melanie, more thanks and welcome to the Rural Roots fan club!

    Stevie B, you are spot on.

    Hey Annie, you know the phone calls are open house? We could call you up for a chat if you were up for it?

    Ben, thanks for popping in.