This Reality – Podcast No 21

It’s Sunday afternoon in Studio K in rural Worcestershire. Today we have six tracks that will make your ears want to have sex with you and cuddle you afterwards:

1. Three Fifty Duo and ‘Prelude in C Minor’ (JS Bach)
2. Earth Calling Alice and ‘Casablanca’
3. Virginia Coalition and ‘Home This Year’
4. The Maine and ‘Everything I Ask For’
5. 46Bliss and ‘In a Long Time’
6. The Orange Lights and ‘A Few Good Days’

As if these slices of aural sex aren’t enough to get your juices going, we also offer you chunks of random conversation that includes…

* My Bluetooth game in public places
* Making cryptic notes to self
* South African bidding to legalise prostition for the 2012 world cup (so everyone in football can screw us!)
* A blowjob competion on Zakynthos (how do you judge something like this?)
* The State Legislature of Wisconsin making necrophilia illegal because corposes can’t say ‘OK then!’
* many other things!!!

Podcast admin:
Tracks 1, 3, 4 and 5 came from the Podsafe Music Network. Track 2 comes from Earth Calling Alice and it is played with their blessing (and my thanks by way of gratitude). Track 6 is played with the permission of the brilliant The Orange Lights and their record label. I’d also like to thank LizSara and PodcastPaul for bringing Earth Calling Alice and The Orange Lights to my ears.

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Link to Episode 21 mp3

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3 Responses to This Reality – Podcast No 21

  1. Janis says:

    We have had a meeting and think this is your best one yet. You give a nice glimpse of your personal world. And you are very funny.