This Reality Podcast: No 120

Episode 120: 55 minutes running time

Welcome to the UK’s most listened-to independent music and entertainment podcast.

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The musical goodness that you can listen to in this week’s show includes:

  1. The National, Bloodbuzz Ohio (
  2. The Family Machine, Reminds Me Of You (
  3. New Century Classics, Sandbox Love ( and also
  4. Secret Rivals, It Would Be Colder Here Without You (

Some of the talkie bits we cover includes:

  • Disturbing news that Soph used to have a crush on a cartoon dog
  • A refreshing outbreak of Pimm’s during the show
  • Studio 60 on Sunset Strip: is it just The West Wing-lite?
  • Soph’s equally disturbing email exchange with Vincent Gallo after watching Buffalo 66
  • World Cup footballs – the ball controversy
  • World Cup vuvuzelas – and how one of our neighbours is in for a shock
  • A live interview with English Ex-Pat, US resident, Ian Barker that covered just some of the cultural differences between Nebraska and Milton Keynes, that includes: Tornado warnings, 60mph winds and 33c blue skies, all in the same day. Being able to see a storm coming from 150 miles away.

How did it happen?
On Friday evening we sat in Studio B in rural Oxfordshire and we listened to four excellent musical tracks that were so good, that we had to share them with you. Then we had a range of conversations about topics so diverse they defy a simple description.

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You want more? Really?

About this production:
The show is recorded live in one take like a radio show. There is absolutely no after-show editing or post-production mucking about. While we were sitting in the studio recording the show we were also Twittering live. Why don’t you come on over and follow the podcast on This Reality Podcast twitter feed.

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3 Responses to This Reality Podcast: No 120

  1. IanB says:

    Little did I know that the both of you were off your tits on Pimms – some of us were fueled merely by Pecan coffee and Cheetos.

    Also: Soph’s poetry-reading dog obsessions. Hmmm. A poet with the surname of Barker. How very…poetic… 🙂

    Good show, excellent music – as ever.

  2. Janis says:

    Wow!!!! And just how much do I love the guy’s voice in the first track? Never heard of The National before but what a chilling enveloping sound!! That’s an instant replay on the docking station this evening. Nice show guys, the crush on the dog is slightly freaking but we’ll let that pass because its Soph and she’s slightly freaking sometimes anyway. What is Pimms?

  3. Library Jan says:

    Is the dog with earphones Dogtanian?