This Reality – Podcast No 22

Episode 22 – 47 minutes running time

Happy New Year!

It’s a July Saturday morning in Studio K in rural Worcestershire so… Happy New Year! Today we have six tracks that are so good they will do the housework while you put your feet up.

1. TV/TV and ‘Get it, Get it’
2. Origen and ‘Y te Vas’
3. Earth Calling Alice and ‘Smile’
4. Franz Black and ‘Cerca de Ti’
5. Anemo and ‘Fallout Renegade’
6. Twilight Dementia and ‘Gimme Shelter’

As if these slices of aural titilation aren’t enough to get you feeling hot about music, we also offer you chunks of random conversation that includes…

* A new beauty product (Organic DonKey-Pu)
* It being the start of New Year celebrations in the Spanish village of Bérchules right now
* Big Brother 9 – a fast eviction and where’s the credit cruch when you want it?
* Mick Jagger’s 65th birthday – officially an Old Age Pensioner now
* Fashion crimes (white cotton trousers, low-slung skirts and trousers)
* Aggressive beggars in Brixton (is it ‘cos I’se not black?)
* many other things!!!

Podcast admin:
With the exception of Earth Calling Alice, all music comes from the Podsafe Music Network (though Twilight Dementia is also played with the added permission of Ariel Publicity. ‘Smile’ is played with the permission of Earth Calling Alice (thanks guys!).

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Link to Episode 22 mp3

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6 Responses to This Reality – Podcast No 22

  1. ORIGEN says:

    Thank you/Gracias for playing our song “Y Te Vas”! -ORIGEN

  2. producer says:

    ¡Hola! It is a lovely song, we wish you luck with it.

  3. Jennifer says:

    Thanks for playing our version of “Gimme Shelter.” We really appreciate it.

  4. Masher says:

    I’ll be taking you on holiday with me, this week – obviously, not you in person (what would the wife say?) but you the podcast.

    So I hope this one is up to your usual standard 😉

  5. producer says:

    Hey Masher. Well that’s very nice of you thanks. I hope you’re taking me somewhere special? 🙂 Have a great holiday though. We’ll catch up when you return.

  6. producer says:

    Jennifer, your voice is unbelievable. We’ve had great feedback on the way you made Gimme Shelter sound. And my wife raves about you! Thanks for everything.