Six brilliant, ear-friendly new music tracks in each half-hour show.

No commercials, no adverts, no selling – just listen to how good the bands and artists are, and if you like the music, go and tell the musicians that you like what they do. They will appreciate that and love you for it.

And maybe you could make a date to see them live, next time they’re in your home town? And maybe you might just buy a track that you like? Or maybe get two? Or pick up a heavily discounted EP or album? Whatever, it’s up to you.

But that’s what This Reality Podcast is about – it’s all about the music.

I’ve been around the music scene long enough to know that there are excellent bands and artists struggling to get their music heard.

And that’s what this show is about.

I want to promote and champion music – the best new music – that should be heard by the widest possible audience.

I will bring you, in each show, six of the best tracks that have tickled my fancy (for one reason or another) in the last few days.

You, the listener, need to bring an interest in independently-produced music, made by top quality artists who have something to say.

If you are a band or a musical artist and you would like to be featured in This Reality Podcast, just email us at studio@thisrealitypodcast.com (or Skype us at ‘thisrealitypodcast’. You can also contact us via MySpace.

And just to clear up some very important points…

  • I do not do this for money
  • I do not take payment from anyone
  • I do not take advertising or sponsorship
  • only do this for the music and, of course
  • for the musicians.

And if you want to try us out as a listener, you can:

  • get the show from iTunes, put them on your iPod, laptop, computer, iPhone, iPad or other portable mp3 device. To do this, just click here (honest, it’s really free!)
  • get the show sent to  your RSS reader from our website. To do this, just click here (it’s still free!)
  • pick up each show from our website as and when you want. To do this, just click here and then go to the show number you fancy and choose the ‘listen’ option of your choice (and yes, it’s still free!).
  • And, for all you mobile phone freaks, you can get the show on your mobile from our friends over here at Stitcher.com (and yes, it’s *still* free!)

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