This Reality Podcast’s music shows are free, contain no advertising and are digitally broadcast to every corner of the internet. This means they are available to you anywhere in the world. How cool is that?

To listen to This Reality Podcast you can:

  • get the shows from iTunes, put them on your tablet, your laptop, your computer, your SmartPhone, or other portable mp3 device. To do this, just click here (honest, it’s really free!)
  • get the shows sent to  your RSS reader from our website. To do this, just click here (it’s still free!)
  • pick up each show from the website as and when you want. To do this, just click here and then go to the show number you fancy and choose the ‘listen’ option of your choice (and yes, it’s still free!).
  • And, for all you mobile phone freaks, you can get the show on your mobile from the show’s friends over here at (and yes, it’s *still* free!)

The big studio – Studio L

For a full list of all show episodes, just click on this link!

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